Femme Physique

Unlock Your Body's True Potential.

The Femme Physique workout was created by pro trainer and fitness instructor Heather Mandell.

With over 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, Heather developed this effective program over time by combining her knowledge and understanding of the female anatomy; how it moves most effectively in order to deliver the best results while keeping the body free from injury.

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The Femme Physique Workouts:

FP Classic Barre:

This is the signature Femme Physique Barre workout. The  class targets the entire body with an emphasis on legs, hips and rear end. Its is centred around high repetition, isolated pulsing movements to maximize intense muscle burn. Each sequence is paired with upbeat, motivating music. Generally, half the class is focused at the barre, followed by upper body and core work. The class ends with stretch and relaxation. Great attention is focused on proper form and posture in order to maximize results. Modifications are offered when needed. This class will leave you feeling tight, toned and lengthened. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. There are no dance elements to this class. Just straight up sculpt and burn.

FP Cardio Barre:

Femme Physique Cardio Barre is similar to the Classic Barre, but with some faster paced sequences to get your heart rate up. Participants will burn, sculpt and sweat using different props throughout the class. All sequences are paired with upbeat, motivating music. Some higher impact and difficult exercises are included in this class, but can all be modified.  All Levels welcome. Be prepared to be challenged and leave feeling fantastic!

FP CORE Barre:

This class is a blend of Barre and elements of pilates to tone, define and strengthen the Core muscles. Great emphasis is placed on abdominal work as well as other essential core muscles. Your abs will be on fire! Approximately half the class is spent at the Barre and the other half is on the mat. Just like the other Femme Physique workouts, this class will challenge you, but in a safe and attainable way.

Private, Semi Private and Small Group classes in studio or at your home are available upon request. For more information please Contact Us directly.




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