The Femme Physique workout was created by pro trainer and fitness instructor Heather Mandell.

With over 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, Heather developed this effective program over time by combining her knowledge and understanding of the female anatomy; how it moves most effectively in order to deliver the best results while keeping the body free from injury.

As a busy mother of four it was essential for Heather to create a killer workout for her and her clients,  that was both motivating and most importantly would deliver results efficiently. Over the years of teaching her classes and training a wide range of clients, she was able to perfect and develop a program that not only tones and defines the body, but corrects and improves posture, strengthens all core muscles and helps the body to move progressively better day to day.

The Femme Physique Method includes using mind to muscle connection and deep muscle activation through a series of repetitive movements in order to overload muscles and create change. The sequences are performed within the bodie’s peak challenge zone with minimal rest. During a Femme Physique workout, your goal is to force your muscles to work at their capacity against resistance while paying close attention to proper alignment and form.

Rather than using heavy weights, which can add additional stress on joints and put the body at risk for injury, clients are encouraged to use light resistance and high repetition while staying within their threshold.  The Barre is used as a tool to help the body with depth, balance and form. Props such as resistance bands, yoga blocks and pilates tools are often use to level up the exercises. There are no ballet aspects to these workouts.  Femme Physique philosophy believes the body should be intensely challenged, but in a safe and attainable way in order to access the best results.

Get ready to work hard, use every muscle in your body and feel some serious burn.