The Femme Physique Workouts:

Full Body Barre

This is the signature Femme Physique Barre Style workout. Even without a barre, we can mimic the same movements effectively while challenging our balance (hello core!) The class uses different props to challenge the muscles. Each workout targets the entire body with an emphasis on abdominals, legs, hips and rear end, but upper body is certainly not left out! It is centred around high repetition, isolated pulsing movements to maximize intense muscle burn. Each sequence is paired with upbeat, motivating music. Generally, half the class is focused at the  “barre”, followed by upper body and focused abdominal work. The class ends with stretch and relaxation. Great attention is focused on proper form, posture and deep muscle activation in order to maximize results. Modifications are offered when needed- including for pregnancy and postpartum. This class is NOT your average barre class… Although it’s going to challenge your body to new limits, it’s easy on the joints and will help you to better understand effective movements you can take with you in your day to day that will keep you injury free.  After a Femme Physique workout, you will feel strong, tight, toned and lengthened. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. There are no dance elements to this class. Just straight up sculpt and burn.


The perfect blend of Femme Physique Signature Barre sequences combined with the most effective Pilates moves to build strength, improve posture, as well as toe and define long lean ,muscles. With extremely detailed form cues and hands on adjustments (optional) you will feel your muscles working like never before! Not only will these Femme Physique workouts change the way you look…They will change the way you feel, move day to day, and keep you injury free. These workouts will teach you what your body is truly capable of. It’s a great compliment to more high intensity (Hit Classes, for example), as you will build endurance, strength and mind to muscle connection.

Triple A- (Arms, Abs, A$$)

This workout is pure fire! 15 minutes each spent on arms, abdominals and booty followed by a deep stretch. Many of the exercises are done using a timer, focusing on 30 second intervals of repetitions within the muscles threshold.  It’s the perfect amount of burn. Just like all the other classes, there is a huge focus on proper form and alignment and making sure the target muscles are activated to their full potential in order to reap the benefits of the exercises and create beautiful, positive changes throughout the whole body.


Can’t get to an In Person class in Toronto, or prefer to workout at home on your own time?

Access virtual Femme Physique workouts ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! With one low monthly fee, members will have access to dozens of Femme Physique workouts, ranging from barre, upper body focused, lower body, yoga inspired and mobility and stretch. All workouts are done with minimal or no equipment.

New workouts are added weekly as well as 2 live workouts a week!

Take the guessing game out of it and follow the weekly suggested schedule that will cover all your muscle groups in just the right way.

Launches March 1st

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