Fresion Exercise Ball Mini,Yoga Ball,Pilates Ball 25cm for Home&Gym Training,Exercise core Strength ,Soft,Durable


  • High quality PVC material:The small exercise ball was made of PVC material that the ball will be soft, stability,durable and anti burst.It can maintain elasticity and softness in a variety of complex postures.
  • Attached straw and easily inflate:The small yoga ball comes with a plug and an straw.The plug is easily remove so that you can quickly inflate your 25cm mini exercise soft ball and perform yoga exercises.
  • Small size and Easy to carry: It is very small and light,you can put it in your bag or pocket,just like a mobile phone.The small ball size is 6.1 inches when you inflated up.You can take it with you and enjoy yoga exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • Non-slip:There are many rough small bubbles on the surface of the small pilates ball. These small bubbles can increase the friction force in contact with the body and prevent the exercise ball from slipping away during use.
  • Strengthen core Strength:The mini yoga ball can be used on the back, abdomen, and legs to exercise muscles and improve core balance.In addition, it can promote blood circulation, burn calories, take away fat, and create a perfect body shape for you.